Whats that you say an FDMEE Framework?

Whats that you say an FDMEE Framework?

Lately Justin, Erik and I have been discussing FDMEE quite a bit. We recently realized that we were doing many of the same things however our implementations may differ. While chatting last Friday we decided to change that. So I would like to be the first to introduce the JunkieFramework.


  • Code completion for context variables when using editors like PyCharm and Eclipse
  • Parsing Month and Year from Period
  • Email
  • Email with TLS
  • Email with SMTP AUTH
  • Email attachments
import JunkieFramework as jframe

settings = jframe.Settings(email_sender='fdmee@epmjunkie.com', email_smtp_host="smtp.epmjunkie.com")
jf = jframe.Core(context=fdmContext, api=fdmAPI, settings=settings)

attachments = []
attachments.append(jf.Email.create_attachment(path=r"c:\temp\test1.zip", "test1.zip"))
attachments.append(jf.Email.create_attachment(path=r"c:\temp\test2.zip", "test2.zip"))
jf.Email.send(recipients="test@epmjunkie.com", subject="testing", attachment=attachments, body="Test Email")

Is that it?

Well for now yes. We have quite a bit more to add but we need to do some refactoring and testing before we feel like we can put it out for public consumption.