Kscope 17 Recap - Day 1

Kscope 17 Recap - Day 1

Fun times out here in San Antonio, if you haven't been you definitely want to check out Kscope next year in Orlando. I haven't let the family know yet but something tells me the whole crew will be there.

So things we learned yesterday:

  • Big data has some really cool tools, Kafka looks pretty neat.
  • Groovy makes me super happy in that we now have a real language inside of Essbase. Also, there are options to get groovy out of the sandbox and let you access system resources. Thanks, Celvin.
  • Cloud, Cloud, Cloud and oh ya we have a new road map for on-premise but its still a ways off. It was a packed house (I couldn't get in but I hear there were some not so happy customers).
  • Some of the vendors have some really cool stuff.
    • Incorta looks amazing, is wicked fast and should muddy the BI waters a bit more.
    • Jerry from Viscosity had a really cool PI device that tracked aircraft and did something with R that was way over my head.
    • Dodeca continues to impress.
  • Not all the sessions have been great for one reason or another but we have to do the surveys honestly so that the ODTUG board can work to make better next year.

Some not so Oracle things I learned:

  • I need to drink more water
  • Sleep is overrated
  • If you find a chair take it
  • It's been a lot of fun seeing old faces and I've enjoyed meeting many new faces.
  • No one expected the beard